The Wakefield Comic Con has become part of the summer season in Wakefield after only 2 years of it happening. The incredible reaction the event has received in Wakefield is phenomenal and is a pleasure to have in Unity Works!

Starting in 2015, we had people queuing all around the building with their costumes on, that was the moment Unity realized how needed the event is. With comics and Marvel becoming huge successes, the Comic Con scene in England has grown and Wakefield was included in that growth.

An amazing day full of Adventure and your favorite Characters appearing in real life is an incredible thing. One of my favorite events for sure. You almost enter a whole other world. So no wonder so many people decided to come.

The second year did not disappoint either with many stalls filled with treasures only comic con enthusiasts can fully understand! Personally, I found the 4 stared Dragon Ball that I have wanted since I was 5. There were comics that have the stories you don’t know yet and are so excited to find out about! So many memories from the characters you grew up with.

Now well on our way of planning year 3 means the event can only grow and become bigger and more magical than the year before. 9th July 2017 marks the 3rd year. So please join us to see what they have got planned this year!

May the force be with you!

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