30.09.2017 16:00 / Seating

Join us to talk about music and it’s connections to literature and life with extraordinary discussions with special guests Edwyn Collins and Grace Maxwell.

Grace was born in Lanarkshire, educated in Bellshill and Glasgow and moved to London aged 22, where she lived for 35 years before returning to Scotland to live in Helmsdale, in the far north east. After a career in theatre administration, Grace began working for Edwyn Collins as his business and personal manager in 1984. She and Edwyn are still working together. They’re also married.

After Edwyn’s encounter with a brain haemorrhage in 2005, subsequent long stay in hospital and years of therapeutic recovery, she was encouraged to write the story of their adventure into the world of stroke experience and fightback. The result, Falling and Laughing – The Restoration of Edwyn Collins, was largely intended as an encouragement to others in a similar predicament and as an illustration of stroke and aphasia experience to the wider world.

*Book a day ticket for the following 3 events for just £21
Steve Ignorant in Conversation
Poly Styrene: Zoë Howe and Celeste Bell in Conversation
Grace Maxwell and Edwyn Collins

Further ticket information is available from the Wakefield Lit Fest website: https://www.wakefieldlitfest.org.uk/booking

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