30.09.2017 12:00 / Seating

Steve Ignorant is a singer/songwriter and artist. He co-founded the anarcho-punk band Crass with Penny Rimbaud in 1977. After Crass stopped performing in 1984, he worked with other groups including Conflict, Schwartzeneggar, Stratford Mercenaries, Current 93, and US punk band Thought Crime, as well as occasional solo performances.

Steve’s autobiography ‘The Rest Is Propaganda’ was first published in 2010. The revised version is now available from Steve’s own publishing company Dimlo Productions.

In August 2017, Steve will release his next book ‘References’ a 160 page collection of Steve’s lyrics, illustrations and photographs presented through a flowing text of conversation with Professor Matthew Worley.

Steve is also a wood sculptor, a traditional Punch and Judy performer and after being a volunteer for 5 years on the Sea Palling Independent Lifeboat, he now focuses on the fundraising side of it. In addition to all this, Steve continues to write and perform with his band ‘Slice of Life’, perfectly and acoustically capturing ruminations from the bar stool honed on the late-night walk home.

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Steve Ignorant in Conversation
Poly Styrene: Zoë Howe and Celeste Bell in Conversation
Grace Maxwell and Edwyn Collins

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