If I could go back in time and tell the 18 year old me that I had booked The Sonics to play in Wakefield I reckon I wouldn’t believe future me. They hadn’t played together since 1972 so you couldn’t blame me, it did seem very unlikely.

Around that time I was in a band called The Reprobates we played 60’s sounding garage rock, me and my band mates were massively influenced by The Sonics ramshackle, raw, bluesy sound. We weren’t the first though, they are credited with being the starting point for punk and were highly important to the grunge sound which arose in the same area of the US. Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain said “I, I have to admit… The Sonics recorded very, very cheaply on a two track you know, and they just used one microphone over the drums, and they got the most amazing drum sound I’ve ever heard. Still to this day, it’s still my favourite drum sound. It sounds like he’s hitting harder than anyone I’ve ever known.”

The list of bands who cite The Sonics as an influence goes on and on… The Kinks, The Ramones, The Stooges, MC5, The Cramps, The Fall, Mudhoney, The White Stripes, The Hives, The Flaming Lips, LCD Soundsystem to name just a few.

After nearly 50 years of inactivity they’re back with an amazing new album ‘This Is The Sonics’ and the only Yorkshire date on their tour is at Unity Works! People will look back in years to come and remember the day one of the most influential bands of all time played in Wakefield, make sure you’re amongst them.

Tickets available from – https://billetto.co.uk/the-sonics

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