My time at Unity Works has been anything but boring. My placement started on the 6th June 2016 and soon coming to a close however the year has been incredibly eye opening to the events industry. On my first week I was thrown straight into shows that we had on and the many jobs that I would be taking over in my time here. “Long Division” was the first event I had the pleasure of working at and what a show it was! Bands running around with more than one stage running and the rush of a music festival made me dizzy with excitement. I had never experienced this kind of rush and the way all the staff handled it was admirable.

Although the shows and the job were demanding and making me very busy, the staff at Unity Works were supportive and friendly from the first day to help me get settled into the job. Unity Works proved to me that the industry that I want to work for is perfect for me.

The following months of my placement consisted of getting to know the job and slowly taking more responsibilities. The first show I ran was “The Smiths LTD” which was less than 6 months after starting. The show went without trouble and the audience were happy. I couldn’t have asked for more! From then on I was assigned to manage more shows and started to book in bands in the café bar. That was a harder task than I imagined but one that I was more than happy to accept. Since then I have met many bands that I can keep in contact with when my time here finishes.

Alongside all those new tasks, I started working with the conference team and hosting their events. This gave me an opportunity to find out more about another sector of the industry that I had never worked in before. The company may not have a large team but the efficiency and trust that runs at Unity made me feel at home and not scared of the year to come which is exactly what any placement student needs. The conference team was run in a completely different way. This was refreshing and helped me understand the difference in the tasks and information that each department needs.

Wakefield is not a place that I know very well however after this year I realise how vital it is to the community with the amazing work the company does. From the brilliant gigs and conferences to charity events and their work supporting Mental Health.

I would recommend working with Unity Works for the experience and the commitment the staff give you in order to achieve the goals set for a placement.

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