Did you know that by using Unity Works, a social enterprise co-operative, you will be helping others?

Here at Unity Works we are committed and passionate to re-invest back in to the local community and beyond.  Why?  Because it makes sense and it’s in our DNA to do good business that can in turn help others.

We don’t ask for money, we just ask you to use our lovely space and we will do the rest.

Who do we help?

Recovery College is a fantastic NHS initiative that tackles mental health issues head on.  Here at Unity we host a full schedule of programmes in partnership with the NHS, which provides support, therapy and addresses mental health & well being.

Mental Health & Dementia Awareness Events, alongside the charity Catch a Falling Star, we host specialist days to raise awareness through art, music and the spoken word.  These are fun and creative events that help break down the stigma of mental health.

Creative Minds is an amazing NHS charity that provides art therapy and support for those suffering with mental health issues.  Unity Works provides a commercial platform for the art and a curator to promote the art on a wider platform.

Apprenticeships are important to help young people start out on their career path.  We are proud to say that we have apprentices in all departments here at Unity Works!  It works for us and we have some great talent thanks to the programme.

Social impact and community are embedded in to our ethos, not an add on just part of every day life at Unity Works.  So when you consider your next event or attend a live show, give yourself a high five for helping others who need a helping hand not a hand out!